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Business Transactions and Entity Formation

Business people make money when deals get done. Deals only get done when attorneys are willing to recognize the urgency of documenting the transaction. Once the parties have reached a "meeting of the minds, clients want to get the other side to commit to the deal before they have a change of heart or start to consider other offers.

When a client contacts me with an opportunity or an idea, I make time to see the client as soon as possible. I explore all facets of the potential deal. Then I describe the deal in clear English so my client and I can review all of the terms in black and white before they are sent to the other side to review. We will also discuss the scope and cost of legal work to be performed so that it is proportional to the size of the deal. Taubman Law will assist you with:

  • Analyzing a potential deal
  • Preparing a
    • Letter of intent
    • Purchase agreement or other transaction agreement
  • Due diligence
    • Real property title review
    • Personal property title review
    • Survey review
    • Environmental review
    • Wetlands studies review
    • Tree survey review
    • Background checks on individuals you will be doing business with
    • Litigation history of the other party
    • Industry trends analysis
    • Vendor and consultant contract review
  • Entity formation and maintenance
  • Negotiations with lenders
  • Financing documentation
  • Closing documentation
  • Post-closing issues

I have over 32 years of experience focusing on real estate, business transactions and litigation. This firm delivers quality legal services efficiently and cost effectively. Please call 248.792.3399 to speak with Richard Taubman or send me an email.

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